Billy Bush get’s the boot


William Hall “Billy” Bush was born October 13, 1971. During the presidential campaign he was thrust into the spotlight for what seemed at first to be harmless male talk, on released tape by Access Hollywood, but turned out to be quite shocking topics that were definitely insulting and derogatory towards woman.

The Donald has Scored!

Billy Bush Laughs at “Grab em by the P-ssy”

Billy encourages Donald Trump

It seemed to everyone like such a shameful conversation on so many levels.

NBC execs were horrified by the tape’s contents and the public backlash.

Donald Trump talked to Billy Bush about trying to have sex with woman contestants in 2005. Trumps now famous statement “Grab em by the p-ssy” went unchecked by Billy.

Billy Bush Fact

You are wondering if George H. W. Bush is related to Billy Bush. YES George H. W. Bush is his uncle.