Business Website

Here is a list of reasons it’s worth purchasing the business website.

1. Original Consultation on the purpose of the website. We sit down with you and show you the best possible ways to make your website work for your business. Most people don’t have a clear vision of how hey are going to make their business work online.

2. Google marketing research. Includes research on the best approach to get you traffic from google. Here we research terms and phrases you will need to include in your website to make your business work.

3. Google Local business Listing. Get your business listed on google in a way that will get you seen.

4. Complete Social interaction with your website in ways that will bring you business. Consultation on Social marketing approach and more. Many people spend a lot of time contributing to social media but it does not benefit their brand or there mission to make their business grow. Here we integrate social media in ways that ties them all together.

5. High end graphics refined to the last pixel. These graphics have to look good on a tv, phone and other devices so we send some time with your needs and making them look spectacular.

6. Seo integrated into design. After establishing the terms and keywords you need to be aiming for we insert many of them into your code and design your site around the keywords.

7. Special design for the process of how you make sales on you site. Here we look the detailed process of selling what you are about and what you have. We make it simple to understand and easy for people to purchase.

Hollywood Services
COST: $4000