Conor McGregor will never return to fight in Vegas Why?

Event that caused the fine. Nate Diaz  and Conor McGregor somehow start throwing bottles and cans at each other before the UFC 202 press conference came to an abrupt end.   The Nevada Commission fined McGregor  5 % of his $3 million income along with 50 hours of community service. The fine totaled out at $150,000 […]

Did Conor McGregor pay Nevada the $150K

Conor McGregor tells the Nevada ‘good luck’ trying to get $150K The Nevada Attorney General’s office asked for $25,000 but the commission decided to up the amount to 5 % of McGregor’s $3 million purse, which equaled out to $150,000. Now McGregor sticks it back to Nevada by refusing to fight there any time in […]

Did Conor McGregor make the most pay per views?

Attendance and Gate UFC 205 eclipsed the previous record gate from UFC 129 in Toronto of $12 million. The Madison Square Garden debut drew $17.7 million with 20,427 in attendance according to a UFC official post-fight statistics. The UFC does not usually release pay-per-view numbers from it’s streaming service protecting it from fighters demanding more. […]

Conor McGregor takes a big hit

Nevada Athletic Commission really took advantage of the situation with Conor McGregor and the bottle throwing. Dana white said “It pissed him off so much that Conor said he will never fight in Vegas again.”   So what did it cost him? The Nevada Attorney General recommended a fine of $25,000 fine and 25 community […]