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Social backlash exposes identities as repercussion begins

As the backlash begins on the people that marched in the racist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia many participants could not have guessed the trouble that was heading their way. Twitter feeds like, “Yes, You’re Racist”, @YesYoureRacist have been posting the

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Who owns your Instagram pics do you have the rights!

Gator world

You do but you have also relinquished all rights to Instagram to do whatever the wish with. Insight into Instagram broad license rights:  a non-exclusive, fully-paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use content that you post. This license

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Chicago Murders and Mayhem

Chicago is a city where someone is shot every hour and a half and murdered every eight. Here is some interesting facts. Chicago ends 2016 year with more than 762 homicides and over 4,331 shooting incidents in 2016. Chicago Police Superintendent

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The internet is under attack

The internet is under attack in a major way with many popular website services down. Some speculate that this is artificial intelligence starting to cause havoc and that terminators are to follow. The attack appears to have started around 7:30

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