Hide the title in wordpress like a pro

Do you want to remove the title of your wordpress page? Perhaps you don’t want a title on a certain page in wordpress how do you remove it. 1. Find the page id: (Look that up somewhere else) 2. Ass this css somewhere: (Appearance > Editor > or Appearance > Customize >) ———————————————– .page-id-1826 .entry-title […]

Resize Youtube Videos WordPress

This is s subject that has pissed every website coder off. There are so many examples on the internet showing how you can resize youtube videos to be responsive (work on all devices). Not all of them work and some invole custom css and wrapping your video in special code. (F*ck That) If you can […]

facebook plugin for wordpress

  You can add the facebook like button in your wordpress site hard coded section by adding:   <?php echo do_shortcode(“[add here]”); ?>   You can add any shortcode to activate in your php single pages and posts from the back end.

Mousover Image Effect

This is a cool CSS effect that we use to make all images that are links more obvious. by changing the opacity when mouseover occurs. It is also a fast loading trick for SEO.   a:hover img { opacity: .6; } Example: How to make mouseover effects with css. No javascript needed.   Warning! This […]

Best Website Width

What is the best website width to use in design.? When we design websites many people want a large image that slides on the first page. It looks clean and is pleasant on the eyes. It is our opinion that if you want your users to easily find the many things you have on your […]