Facebook Social


We set up up with social marketing on Facebook in ways that benefit you, your website and the things you are selling. 


There is a fine art to Facebook integration and many do it wrong.

First we need a business page. If you don’t have one we make one for you.

We need to the go to special Facebook developer tools and integrate them with your website.

Some of the really good things this does is.


1. Brings your Facebook and Website comments together.

2. Gets more people visiting your site from your Facebook posts.

3. Makes it easy for others to share and comment on your website.


We take time to set you up with proper posting and show you how to post on Facebook and your website at the same time.


Requires: 2 meetings 

1. Access to Facebook page to get special developer information for your site.

2. To show you how to post to get the maximum benefit from your marketing.