Improve WordPress Sitespeed

One of the elements in a high quality website is site speed. Google wants this and visitors want this.

What we do to make a website go lightning fast.

1. Optimize all images with special software. This can be tricky because you may have to sacrifice some design look for speed. It is always up to you how much.

2. We test the speed and use W3 Total Cache which has to be carefully configured. At least 10x improvement in overall site performance (Significant Google Page Speed improvements)

3. CloudFlare protects and speeds up WordPress websites. Traffic is routed through our intelligent global network and automatically optimized web pages so visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. 

On average, a website on CloudFlare
– loads twice as fast
– uses 60% less bandwidth
– has 65% fewer requests
– is way more secure

You can check out your site speed and rating with Google Page Speed Test

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