Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Ratings

The Daily show could not be replaced!

However Last Week Tonight is something totally different and quite refreshing.

When it first came out nobody could replace the boots that were left behind by a great political comedian. I think a lot of people expected something like that from Jon Oliver and he probably felt the pressure from it. He somehow however pulled it of and after finding his feet seems to have really become a star of his own.

Last Week Tonight first season averaged of 796,000 viewers and improved on the time spot.

Lately it seems he has been really blowing us away so we want to give him our hats off!

He has delivered continuous provocative and comedic views on current issues that seem very important but swept under the rug. The internet seems to be responding to his ideas and views with continuous eyes. Last Week Tonight Youtube numbers are huge and it seems new releases continually trend.

Originally People Were Not Overly Impressed

Here are some of reviews from viewers in the beginning.

HAP Nov 11, 2014
“Actually, if Oliver was on par with Bill Maher, it would be quite an accomplishment, since being on after 11pm on a Sunday night is a built-in handicap.”

Joe Nov 11, 2014
“The writing is 10x better than the The Daily Show. The Daily Show is at it’s best when Jon is just commenting on news clips, the actual comedy writing is mostly garage especially the correspondent stuff.”

Gil Nov 12, 2014
Weak numbers. But balanced by a very cheap show to produce. One thing is for sure, it’s not a hit. Bye bye.

dman6015 Nov 12
He’s not Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, that’s a given. What he needs to do is get a couple of supporting players to take the load off him. He also needs to stop throwing in ‘F’ bombs for shock value. Just because you can say them on HBO doesn’t mean you really need them. Quite honestly, it works better on Comedy Central BECAUSE of the bleep. Kind of like Kimmel’s ‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’.

Our Congratulations to John Oliver

One of his most popular videos to date, just look at the views.! Published on Youtube Feb 28, 2016 4 months later the count of 27,246,348 views says a lot. Tell us your thoughts on the show.!