Maisie Williams tells it like it is!



Bristol Born Maisie known best for her role as Arya Stark in the hit series Game of Thrones tell it like it is in Hollywood!


“Hollywood is not evil, it’s just totally fake,”


“And if you’re into making fake friends for a night and having a great time then that’s cool. Lots of people know it’s all bullsh*t so they just go and have that night where they’re having fun with everyone and chilling. No one actually likes each other, but everyone is having a great time.”


“So if you want to play the part, you can,” 18-year-old Williams added. “I don’t have any desire to pretend to be someone’s friend for the night. It just bores me. It bores me so much.”


Yes this place is a Sh*t Hole full of fake bitches. We are glad you are not one of them and refuse to play the fake bitch game.


Hats of to Maisie for keeping it real.