Page Speed Increase

After installing a special cache software to make pages run faster there was still low page speeds. Investigation into the cause revealed uncompressed images. 

Images need to be compressed or they can be the biggest drain on your website.

Imagine a high resolution image on your phone. Most pictures are over 10 megabits.  

That’s 100 times bigger than your recommended website page size. 


How We Increase WordPress Page Speeds

1. Analyze pages in Page speed test software to find the culprits of slow speed. (Report Included)

2. Make changes to first page so load time is not reduced by too many plugins. (Need conference call to discuss what to keep)

3. Install and customize special Cache software. (This makes load time much faster for many reasons.)

4. Install special cloud software. (This makes load time few seconds faster.)

5. Go through images and reduce the size with special compression software. (This is quite an art to keep images looking good but fast loading.)