Sliders & Edits

WordPress sliders vary and are complex. they require graphic changes and special timing that works well with the human mind.

What is Involved

Conference call to help bring clarity to the messages your trying to deliver. This is important because there are many tips and tricks to your Introduction Slider.

Installation of Software Plugin so that you have a fast loading Slider code that is SEO friendly.

Photoshop Graphic Design – specially designed to deliver your message and sized for all media. Photoshop documents are also optimized for the fastest loading images. 

Basic Introductions that have 4 images are shown below. If you already have graphics it is only $199 for the Slider. If Graphics need optimized $250.

For complex graphic sliders that have layers and something called a call to action we charge more. These kind of intros involve very special timing and involve ways that really grab people attention. 

Hollywood ServicesCOST: $699
Price for full high quality slider tested on mobile phones for speed and ease.
$199 for Slider Edits